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Personal Training

A One to one session is a great kick-start into a healthier lifestyle. You will feel confident that the exercises you do will be of real and lasting benefit to you.

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Group Classes

We use fitness as therapy, helping you move freely, stretching away tightness, strengthening your body, energising you and nurturing a deep connection with your mind.

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Blog2Bloom is space for women to share,grow, heal and bloom through blogging. In the safety of support and encouragement we share our experiences, stories,thoughts and dreams without inhibition. Topics are wild and varied ,from spirituality, wellness, motherhood and mental health through to politics local and global. It’s a space for community and connection.

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9/end. I find that I keep thinking abt the question @frankieboyle asked in his recent piece: "Is everybody is going to come out of this & go willingly back into a kind of numbing servitude? Surely it’s time to start imagining something better."

3. Actually, no, I'm not stopping. Alongside my public focus on laughter & mental health, I'm also pissed off about our cultural hypocrisy. Its not just the '@guardian classes' reporting on t vampirish actions of govt ministers. Here's @DailyMirror story.

So has the penny dropped with the Daily Mail? #coronavirus

Love this - older generations are teaching younger people to cook the food of their heritage:

‘Traditional food is a way of preserving culture, ensuring those authentic cultural treasures aren’t lost. It's a way to ensure we don’t forget our origins.'

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"Afsha is incredibly passionate about fitness. She listens to the needs of her clients, drawing from a wealth of health and fitness knowledge."