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Stay Calm: Plan for Ramadan


Making small adjustments to your lifestyle and being mindful of your food choices and eating habits 4-8 weeks before Ramadan begins will empower you to change unhealthy habits.  Not only will that help reduce the risk of weight gain during and after Ramadan but also increase the spiritual benefits of the holy month.

If you have any chronic health conditions you MUST see your GP for more specific advice. Diabetics especially must consult their doctor on whether fasting is safe in their unique situation and discuss any adjustments that must be made to medication or diet.

Use these helpful tips as a source of ideas and create you own “plan of action”. Make it specific to your lifestyle and acheivable by making small changes gradually over the one or two months. Writing down your action plan will help you keep you focussed.

Stay calm; Prepare for Ramadan

Stay calm; Prepare for Ramadan







You can find a detailed blog safe exercising in Ramadan here and also some specific dietary tips to avoid common complications during the fasting period here

Enjoy making your “action plan”¬† and implementing it and you will enjoy a healthier Ramadan and even a healthier year all round!


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