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We hold a variety of different types of exercise classes in Solihull, Hall Green and the surrounding areas. Our classes are about Fitness Therapy and using movement as a medicine to improve many aspects of health. All our classes are based on functional, therapeutic movements that your body needs and loves to do. We focus on posture and alignment because we believe that moving better is just as important as moving more! You will be encouraged to work at your own pace within your own limitations. No Extremes, no insanity, just plain Bloomin Healthy! Just bring a small towel and drink of water to your class and join us for your weekly dose of movement, fun and fitness.

Mindful Movements (Ladies only)

Springfield Project,St Christophers Church,Sparkhill,B13 9NY

Every Monday during term-time 1:30-2:30pm , Free social Precribing

Safe, friendly and enjoyable, this seated exercise class uses music to enjoy a fun aerobic movement, standing or seated strengthening,Yoga-inspired gentle moves and stretches to release muscular tension, especially in the neck, shoulders and back, which positively impacts on spinal health. Improve your joint mobility and range of movement, as well as strengthening muscles around those troublesome areas like knees,hips,shoulders,back and neck. Learn how to breathe well to improve respiratory health. At the end of the session we learn how to de-stress and relax too!

This class is perfect for older adults, office workers, and those managing conditions such as arthrits, osteoporosis and other painful conditions. Also great for those who struggle to exercise standing ( eg due to obesity, or injury), those who have had knee/hip physio and who need a gentle nudge back into fitness.


Bloomin Healthy Seniors EASY GENTLE EXERCISE CLASSES (Men and Women)

AT St Agnes Church Hall, Dyott Rd/Billesley lane, Moseley, B13 9RA

EVERY TUESDAY 12pm-1pm starting Nov 5th 2019, £4

This is what we do

  • Strength and Balance
  • Move to music
  • Gentle stretching
  • Post Knee/Hip rehab
  • Back strengthening
  • Reduce pain
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation
  • Have fun,smile lots
  • Build friendships



FeelGood Fitness over 50 (Men and Women),

Highfield Community Club, Hall Green, B28

Every Friday during term-time 11-12pm £4 per session

A  lovely class where we do a bit of everything! A cardio march to music for about 20minutes then posture and strengthening work with physio bands/light weights/ and various other props. Stretch and relaxation too! Lovely music, smiles and friendships will keep you coming back for more . Gentlemen are welcome and encouraged to come along too!

THIS class is for the over 50s and in particular is perfect for those trying to manage conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. A combination of chair and standing exercises have been designed to gradually improve your stamina, strength, balance coordination and flexibility. Regular attendance will increase your ability to perform everyday tasks with ease, improve your self-confidence and enable you to enjoy a fully active and independent future.



Feel Good Fitness (Ladies only), CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

Springfield Project,St Christophers Church,Sparkhill,B13 9NY

Every Tuesday 1pm-2:15pm during term-time

The Springfield Neighbour Scheme, in partnership with local GPs, supports adults in our community. We offer a safe place for people to come and talk to others, have fun and improve their wellbeing.There are lots of activities available and some are free. Our exercise classes are free for patients whos surgeries are registered with the scheme and there is a small charge for those who are not. To find out more click here.




Highfield Community Club, Hall Green, B28

Saturdays 9am -10 am . Book in 6 week blocks . £40 for 6 weeks

Kettlebells are a fantastic tool to tone, strengthen and sculpt. We add a bit of music and cardio intervals and make it fun too! We are all about womans health so we use full body movements and exercise to strengthen deep pelvic floor muscles as well as tone the bits that everyone else can see! Legs, bums, arms and core will all feel stronger and leaner. Finish with a relaxing stretch



I provide a small group class held in Hall Green for young mums wanting to get fit and healthy. We do bodyweight circuits, Tabata, weights, cardio, kettlebells, core stability and stretching all in an hour!If this is something you are interested in setting up, give me a call.


Specialist class for those suffering from mental health conditions ranging from mild to severe depression. This class is part of the “Health Journey” scheme and offered to a small group of referred patients. A very dynamic class, fusing mindful movement and body awareness ,yoga-inspired stretches and breathing exercises with more traditional forms of fitness like dance and strength and posture work.


Please contact us to find out more if you have any concerns about your condition . There are classes starting in the Solihull and Birmingham area in the future so please contact us to register your interest