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Tag Archives: 2020

Re-igniting Trauma: A Global Pandemic

With every crisis there is danger and opportunity. The danger is the fear and panic . But the opportunity is that we¬† can use this time to be better people on the other side of this. And when I personally started to hear about the pandemic I was seeing this as a transformative and rebalancing […]

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Simple ways to connect with your soul

Easy ways to connect with your soul everyday to make life a whole lot nicer.   A Night-time Reflection Every night just sit back and think of the day. You can do this as you relax on the sofa, in bed or after you pray. Pick out moments of joy and feel them again, with […]

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Holistic Resolutions:Taking it Deeper

It’s time. The energies of Winter have naturally drawn us inward.Rest,recuperation and reflection seem to come easily. And after the shortest day of the year, we really feel the trek towards a new year has truly begun.We feel the pull towards the growth and vitality of spring. And so it is only natural that we […]

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