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Walk amongst the Trees


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There is not much better than a dark,rainy autumn morning for a self-reflective walk in the park. And today was certainly one of those walks. I was just observing the darkness of the sky and thought how my daily movement practice has sustained me through the best of times and the darkest of times. And how, in the worst of times,I would let go of this practice only to be propelled deeper and faster into such blackness that it seemed there could never be a way out.

But there always is a way out.That is the nature of life.

And sure enough, everyday, I see the Image result for this shall pass too"light dancing on the horizon as the sun reassuringly comes up….even if behind the big grey clouds. As I evolve in my health journey, I realise that it is in the meditation of this very fact …the rising of the sun…that we can find the true meaning of health and inner peace. It seems to me that I have learnt so much about the human predicament in my simple walk in the park. Not even a fancy park in an exotic country where folks go to “find themselves”. No, just a city centre park here in Brum!

The trees teach us so much about the world and about ourselves. Recently, over autumn, they show us how a period will come where we must let go of all the things that we have accumulated over time that no longer serves us. This is an important activity we often neglect. When do we actively declutter our minds? We have a tendency to hold on to our beliefs, our imaginings even though they may be destructive and limiting. We hold our grudges and negative thought patterns as if they were the ultimate truth. Yet, if the leaves dont fall, how will the trees gloriously blossom again come spring? How can we bloom as human beings if we do not let go of self-limiting beliefs and  external noise and nonsense. It all adds up to a stressed nervous system and an inflammed brain and body.Let go!

As winter approaches, the trees are bare, their true shape, with all the kinks and curves are totally exposed. There is no hiding behind magnificent displays of colour and volume. Instead of providing shade and entertainment to families playing around them,the trees seem inward looking, alone and still.As all of nature around us settles into dormancy and slumber, we too may feel the desire to slow down, embrace stillness and redirect our energies inward. Winter is a good time to rest,restore and rejuvenate. Focusing on nourishing and warming foods, gentle and grounding exercise and getting to sleep early will all help to achieve a restoration of energy. Trees are so patient in this time, they peacefully wait for spring, when the conditions are favourable for them to begin to grow again. And here for us is a tremendous lesson: patience. Let the sleep do its work, give time for this restorative work to manifest physically…Be Patient.

As I walk amongst the trees it is abundantly apparent that they are totally connected,present and aware. Connected to each other,to the Earth and to their environment through their deep roots and expanding branches.Present and resilient,adapting to the flow and rhythm of each season, and aware of the intelligence of the universe and the importance of surrendering to it. Imagine if we as humans could harness even a fraction of this wisdom. Not only our mental and physical health would improve, but the experience of our lives would be enhanced and in fact the world, in every way, would be a significantly better place

4 Responses so far.

  1. Nazia says:

    Beautifully written Afsha. We could all do with decluttering our minds.

  2. Neelam Ulhaq says:

    Love this article. So deep and reflective. Thankyou for sharing