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Magical Moments

This post is from an email I sent out to participants of my “Mothers and Daughters Fitcamp” in 2015! I thought I’d share it.

Mother and daughter doing yogaHi Guys, I know a lot of you couldn’t make it this week and thank you for letting me know. I’m actually feeling really overwhelmed this evening because I had a “magical moment” at class today. Sometimes we look for amazing experiences in places or people that we perceive as exotic. But today I had such an amazing experience through the class. It came as we were all outside on the open green. We were being Yoga Trees…I was looking at you guys…the little girls losing balance, like fragile saplings in the wind, but so determined and never giving up. The young teens, trying hard, absorbing information like sponges, blossoming beautifully into strong trees and the ladies…solid, strong women with a wealth of wisdom, secret stories buried inside each concentric layer that builds their strength and a breadth of experiences to ground them.And how mothers gently smiled at their daughters, having taken time out to be togther, sharing the experience, encouraging and supporting their girls. And daughters looking to mum for approval and showing off…look, I can do this, I’m growing, finding their identities and own unique personalities. Or just having a good laugh at mum falling over!!!

And I saw how we are so deeply connected with nature. We are nature.

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So I think it all came together in our class and totally blew my mind. Really left me feeling a deep sense of ..I don’t…wellbeing!!

Here’s how:

Connect: We went out on the green. We danced in the sun with the wind in our hair. We connected with nature. We smiled and connected with each other and we connected with a deep spirit of joy within ourselves.

Be active: Of course, dance makes you feel good…and we brought out the Bollywood stars in us ..we were Deepika, Karina, Priyanka (me, I was Madhuri)

Take Notice: We noticed how our feet felt on the grass or mat, how well we could balance, how our breath stabilized our bodies. We did a colour meditation and we noticed our breath as it slowed and relaxed our bodies. Doing it outside sitting on the grass only further enhanced the connection with the Earth. It was beautiful

Keep Learning: Doing something new or learning fires up our brain. We all enjoyed a new experience today. Dancing together, doing yoga and meditating outdoors. New experiences make you feel alive.

Give: I felt so blessed to be able to give you my time and whatever knowledge I have, passing it on to you and the kids. And You give me your time out of your busy lives and come to the class. So thank you x


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