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Top Session 3

You are now at least 8-12 weeks into your training and ladies…it’s showing. I think you are really feeling your progress now? I am certainly seeing it.

Many people look for the secret to getting fit as some specific exercise or a funky move or using a specific prop or machine. As you have discovered yourself, the secret to fitness success is:

  • Consciousness : Start to become AWARE of yourself. What are you actually doing to acheive your fitness dreams? Notice how you are actually spending your time and be honest about how much time you DO have to commit to your fitness. Become aware of your body, your weaknesses, your strengths, your challenges. Self-observation is key to healing and to health.
  • Commitment : You only have this one body. If you cant commit to it then you cannot expect it to behave and look the way you want it to. You don’t have to do a lot you know, its just about finding a daily movement practice that you enjoy and sticking to it. Then perhaps a weekly more intense or challenging session, perhaps in a group, or that stimulates other aspects of your body and mind: dance, sports, swim, hiking etc
  • Consistency: Nothing more complicated than just turning up today…then tomorrow…then again.and agian…and again…and again…
  • Compassion: This is the one we miss out a lot! In Fitness everything that we value stems from the Divine Masculine (YANG) energy. Push,achieve,competitive, mind- and goal-orientated. The world currently (though a real shift is occuring) is imbalanced towards masculine energies and so we forget the power of Divine Feminine (YIN) wisdom. Yin is all about deep wisdom, intuition and trusting one’s body, being in tune with our bodies, listening, healing and compassion towards our bodies. Both men and women in the modern world have to harness both these opposite energies to find true health and integrity. Yin is all about gentle strengthening and restful, restorative forms of fitness. These are especially valuable to women. We flourish when we honour and respect our bodies.

Now, specifically a few things came up this week

  • Tight Hip Flexors / Hip pain (front/groin area)
  • Breathwork
  • Shin Splints

It might be an idea to revisit the previous 3 blogs dedicated to you with all the exercise tips. I chose them all specifically for these kinds of issues that are very common. Just go through the videos/tips etc and pick out things that you can do and slot the into your training at least 3 times a week…you can do them before/after your runs or completely seperately.

And …here are some more wrt the issues above:


For stretching :

For strengthening :


  • Consider DELOADING ie reducing your training load (frequency/distance/terrrain adjustment) for some time while you work on more stregthening exercises
  • Deep massage the calf and around the sides of the tibia
  • Foam rolling regularly
  • Stretch the calf and soleus muscles



Keep aware of your breathwork. Try and get your breath into a rhythm with your movement. Practice deep breathing during restful times in the day…eg, in bed, in the shower, watching TV, and even in the car while at the traffic lights!!


Hope this all helps! We only have one more session and I know you guys will be more than ready for the big day. Hopefully you are getting your sponsors in too!

Best wishes xx

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