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Simple ways to connect with your soul

Easy ways to connect with your soul everyday to make life a whole lot nicer.


A Night-time Reflection

Every night just sit back and think of the day. You can do this as you relax on the sofa, in bed or after you pray. Pick out moments of joy and feel them again, with hand on heart. Bring that feeling up and let it radiate out of your heart and flood every cell of your body. Breathe deeply, slowly and gently while doing it. This is called FEELING grateful. Maybe you’d also like to write down a “good thing” or 3 that happened that day in a diary. It makes a nice little reminder log of how wonderful simple things in life can be, especially on those more challenging days

Remember it can be the simplest of things…”I saw a beautiful sunrise on the way to work”…” I got a warm hug from my son” etc


A Morning Gratitude

Smile and say ” Thank you, I am alive for another day of life”.

Or as Khalil Gibran said:

“Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving”

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Imagine this was the last day of your life…what would you want it to be filled with…joy or misery? Who will you choose to be today? Miserable or joyful? Choose joy…then go do everything with that feeling bubbling inside. Avoid blaming the misery of others for your mood. You are responsible for creating your internal environment…just turn away from the miserables and focus inwards.



Be Still



Everyday, cultivate a little bit of stillness, a little bit of now…THIS MOMENT. Look at yourself from above, observe yourself and press pause. Be in the now moments…be more conscious and more aware of those moments.



Speak Less Listen More

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There’s not much more to say on this (see what I did there?) The more we think we have to tell the world all about ourselves and all we know and do, the less conscious we are of anything and everything around us which means the less awareness we have.

And if you have to listen to some fool speak…turn inwards, focus on the amazingness of your breath. But nod kindly, lets keep the vibration high and not judge the fool.



Breathe Deeply and Smile MorebreatheIN

This is the  essence of QiGong and other Eastern Healing methods

The Inner Cosmic Smile helps take the seriousness out of life. It helps to take the tension out of the body. It helps us open up and release. Our minds affect the state of our bodies and now science proves that when we generate positive feelings it actually changes the chemistry of the body and  harmonises mind,heart and body.



When we gift ourselves with connection and awareness we learn all there is to know about our deepest beliefs and so how to overcome those self-limiting patterns of behavior and thought that do not serve us any longer. And thats a good place to be! Its good not just for us but for those around us as we make better choices and behave in kinder ways. Its not just good for those around us but also for humanity as a whole…because we are feeding the magnetic field around each other and we all are affected by each others field.

What will you feed the field today?

3 Responses so far.

  1. Waseema Aslam says:

    So much wisdom to ponder upon. Thank you for the reminders.

  2. Aliya says:

    A cute little reminder reminder of gratitude, mindfulness and self respect.

  3. Zainab says:

    You write beautifully. I am practising silent sufi meditation but cannot manage the very much needed pranayama you inspire me.