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TOP Session 4: Reflections.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the big day. Thanks to Fozia for taking the 4th training session all the way up to Sutton park and giving everyone an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the route. Fab work.

I’d like to bring this little period of movement, connection and community to an end with a practice I do for almost everything in my life …..from a good old clean of the house, to a phone call, to a meeting, a prayer…. just bring in a moment of reflection.

Just a pause.

Just still for a moment before hurtling into the next phase or the newest distraction, even the next breath.



As you know, I love to lose myself in Allahs creation in nature…and there I see the signs . And the trees are reminding me to REFLECT….beautifully brought to me by the image I saw this morning. That reflection is so pure, clear as crystal, just because of the stillness, the quietness of time. Just an hour later, with the sun risen fully and the gentle murmur of cycles whirring by, people walking, dogs barking and ducks swimming that very same watery image was not so clear, a little hazy at the edges. A bit like us humans eh, losing our clarity in the whizz of life.




Looking back on these last 12-16 weeks…what are your reflections?

  • What have you learnt about your body?
  • What has blown your mind?
  • What have you been proud of?
  • What have you been frustrated with…and how did you work through that?
  • Have you changed your perception of fitness or health or the body?
  • Have you found deeper connection? Realising that the way you treat your body and mind are reflections of deeper core issues and beliefs?
  • Have you changed some aspect of yourself…your mindset? your approach to fitness? Your relationship with your body?

TImagehese questions are for everyone..from the fittest runners to the newest beginners. Because it would be an utter travesty not to have found a pandoras box of discoveries over these 3 -4 months. The body is mesmerising…an unknown cosmos as mysterious as the cosmos around us. Don’t let the scientists and doctors tell you they know…really they only know very little. And anyway why leave it to others, you are perfectly capable to become your own body detective.

And for those that are not runners but have been listening in to conversations …same applies in the movement practice you have chosen to take up…dance, sports, cycling, swimming..whatever! Have you changed anything about your approach to your body?

There is no right or wrong. Each of us are so unique. Its just exploration and discovery. Its self-improvement, self-realisation, awareness, consciousness…God-conciousness.

Please guys…please would you kindly share some of your reflections? I’d love to hear from some of you who havent been so vocal on the whatsapp and the non-runners too. Sharing truths, being authentic, saying it as it is without fear of others judging…well, these are therapy for the heart and soul too!



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  1. Sarah says:

    The photo of nature being still is amazing, Afsha. Even more profound is relating it to us as humans. When we are still, we are clearer in our thoughts and processing. We can reflect on our blessings or anything we want to reflect on. Our reflections are clear, just as the the reflection of the tree is so clear in the still water. And then as life takes over, nature wakes up, no longer still. The reflections aren’t so clear. Brilliant. It makes so much sense.

    My reflections….I’m definitely more aware of my breathing and I take the time to inhale some deep breaths and exhale.

    Over the last few weeks, I have taken more time to be still, particularly after prayer. I’ve found that it does help to clear the mind and just helps slow the pace down. I have learned that there is still time to do the things that need to be done, even if I do take a bit of time out!

    • afsha malik says:

      thank you Sarah for this beautiful insight. I love that…”slow the pace down”
      I really sense that we are all in need of a slow down.
      And I find when I slow to the slowest slow and breathe the deepest breath, I really am able to tap into FEELING. For as long as I remember we have been told by society that feelings and emotions need to be controlled and supressed…that intellect logic and reason are king. I was very good at that- keeping my truth hidden. . Actually the secret to peace (inner and wordly)is FEELING…intuition…emotion and learning to accept that they are all there to be experienced.

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