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We are all worthy


A wonderfully authentic exploration of our sense of worthiness by Ginseng Sparrow. Self-worth is s uch a deep and complex part of what many of us believe about ourselves, and yet so simply and expressively articulated. Yes we are all connected and worthy of being here just as we are.


How do you feel worthy of love when you just don’t feel worthy?



We all laugh, cry, ask questions, find things beautiful, find things annoying, get angry, get happy, breathe, sleep, fart, need to eat, need to use the toilet as a result…

You get the jist


We’re all human, sharing the experience of living in this world right here and right now.


So where does this concept of being more or less worthy of someone or something come from?

Is there even such thing as being un-worthy?


And what are we worthy of exactly?


I’ll tell you, because it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that only certain people are worthy


It’s not only you by yourself who is worthy


It’s not only the boy/girl you think is hot stuff who is worthy


It’s not any one person at any one time who is worthy



It IS EVERY single person at every single moment.


Worthy of happiness, time, love, attention, care, respect, reciprocity, safety, security, and all things good in general.


No person is less or more entitled.


So, please remember:


There’s no such thing as ‘not being good enough’/ ‘not being worthy’ of someone


No person is out of your league nor are you out of anyone’s league


And just like you could love someone,


someone (even people you think are too good for you) could and can love you too


I am worthy


You are worthy





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  1. Sarah says:

    A really nice piece. Thank you for sharing this. Yes, we are all worthy of love and kindness, giving and receiving it ❤️

  2. Gulshen Bano says:

    What a lovely piece ❤️

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