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2020: The year that keeps giving

Well, 2020 is the year that just keeps giving…well, in the realms of shadow work anyway. The ugly truth comes to the surface , as it should. Because if it does not then there can never be a new paradigm, a better world, a peaceful existance. The darkest, ugliest forces on the planet must be exposed to be able to move forward. From darkness comes light.From the old programs we move to new paradigms.

The new paradigm starts with YOU. We are all at a different level of consiousness and on our own unique journeys but it really does feel like more and more people are awakening to be able to open their hearts, question narratives and speaking truths without fear

The new paradigm is a new mindset…a new heart space and a new awareness. And that is certainly what is happening.

We no longer give power to trusted authorities…we realise that it is US…the PEOPLE TOGETHER that have the power. We just gave it away for a while…while they cocooned us in our comfort, overeating, overconsuming, brainwashed on futile TV, distracted by entertainment, conned by the trinkets of the Dunya (this world)

So whatever your journey, know that everyone and everything is going through this transition …dont bother about them, let them work out their path and you focus on yours: open your heart, strengthen your body and expand your mind.

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  1. Sobhia says:

    I needed to read / hear this today. Hopefully I can keep it in mind moving forward because I let external factors affect me and my emotions!

    • afsha malik says:

      Hello Sobhia. You say something very important…”moving forward” …yup , thats what its all about. How do you want to move forward? Everyhting will become clear at the right time, and in the mean time, know that you always have a friend in me…and i know I have a friend in you too Buzz!!!

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