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Ramadan: The Great Detox

What a Divine gift to experience. A whole month of cleansing and detoxification. Ramadan first and foremost is a spiritual detox. We are given the opportunity to scrub the little black stains and rusty areas of our hearts so that we can let the Divine light in and make positive changes to our character and behaviour. We keep our tongues moist with the rememberence of the Creator , leaving less time for idle or negative talk. As we stand in prayer longer and stronger , we purify and cleanse our mindscape by focusing less on negative self-talk and toxic thoughts and instead immerse ourselves in the good news of the Quran.

Cleaning our internal and external environments enables us to vibrate at a higher frequency and connection to our souls purpose becomes a possibilty. It truly is a miraculous month.

On a purely physical level, the body too undergoes a great detox, especially profound if we have managed to avoid over-indulging and certain toxic food products ( seed oils and processed foods).

During fasting the body is in healing mode. While digestion is turned off, it can focus on exterminating the build up of junk cells and problematic areas. Toxins are removed and organs and tissues are repaired. Emotional balance is restored as the body functions at maximum and optimum capacity.

This kind of turbo-boosted healing and detox is hard to maintain all year round. Ramadan is a special month, its a gift where for a short time we are more able to easily transcend the ego and our desires. It becomes apparent exactly how special this month is the very next day when it suddenly becomes hard to maintain the good habits we built up. However, there are certainly small habits we can build into our daily routines that will have detox effects and help us maintain some element of cleansing.

It is worth bearing in mind that any detoxing activity will only be maximally effective if we are careful not to indulge in toxic foods and chemicals. Reduce the toxic input as much as posible for the most beneficial results.

10 simple detox habits worth starting today:

1.Deep, slow breathing

2. Oil pulling for good oral health ( which extends to heart health)

3.Lemon water with salt (NOT TABLE SALT) first thing in the morning to aid liver detox

4. Morning sun and grounding barefoot

5. Morning mobility routine: a mindful movement practice linked to breathwork

6. Daily dry brushing for lymph support

7. Castor oil packs for liver and gut detox and health.

8. Cold therapy. Splashing the face with cold water or finishing shower with 30 seconds icy blast!

9. Regular self-massage with warming oils or even better treat yourself with professional massage

10. Connecting with God through His Book of Nature. Get out in the green and digitally detox from tech .

By cultivating and nurturing these habits inshAllah we will be in a stronger physical and spiritual state for next Ramadan. And we pray that Allah grants us another Ramadan. Ameen.

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