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The Nature Prescription

We are not really dying from diseases from the body any more but rather diseases of the spirit. This lifetime we have come to learn so much about the human body. We have learned to interfere and manipulate the tiniest biochemical processes with drugs and various poisons. But none of that will truly heal us. With all this scientific knowledge and technology why then is our world rampant with chronic disease and deep mental, emotional afflictions?

It is because we have become so radically misaligned with our spirits. We hold this illusion of grand connectivity yet we live in the great disconnection in human history. Disconnection with our Creator, with ourselves, with others, our purpose here, the Earth, nature. Everything stems from our connection and our alignment with our spirits. From this connection we make choices that create our lives. We must realise that anything that ails us is just trying to bring us back to that alignment

Physical dis-ease humbly begins as dissonance in the mental, emotional or energetic body and then comes into the physical body, usually starting in the gut, as a grand means for us to hold or transmute that pain or dissonance. It is an opportunity for us to listen to that sacred communication and a window into the deeper pains and patterns that are held in the emotional and energetic body. Healing is always an invitation to meet the self more and more deeply. Symptoms and pain are simply asking us to LISTEN. They are this very sacred invitation into healing which is in fact the path of connecting with ourselves and our Creator.

So much of medicine, even alternative medicine, is centered around managing the pain that results from disconnection, so much so that it can disconnect us even further. We have synthetic supplements that fill gaps in our diets full of synthetic foods. Medication and strict protocols that help to quell the inflammation and anxiety and depression we feel from the disconnection from the earth and the sun and the winds and the waters , from ourself and each others. So many treatments that keep us distracted from the emotions that live within us that just want to breathe, be held and be integrated. Disease is disconnection and healing is reconnection . There is no healing without a deep return to the self, allowing ourselves to be cracked open and fully surrendered to the great wisdom of nature. And to know ourselves, and to know nature is to know our Creator. Healing is surrender .

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Our bodies are wired to heal. When we try to control our health or healing too much we can complicate our healing journey and become overwhelmed. Just remember that you dont need to understand every tiny complexity of your disease in order to heal. Your body holds that innate and sacred wisdom. It already knows what to do. Nature heals everything and we are part of nature. The natural world, is a manifestation of our Creators words and is there to serve us, even to heal us. We just need to soften and exist within that simplicity and trust that our body knows exactly what to do and so we just surrender to the wisdom of nature.

We are all so unique in our dis-ease and so we must look for the best prescription for our unique temperments and nature provides every sort of therapy to bring us into alignment with our spirit and our purpose.

  • Adventure therapy. The exhiliration of white water rafting, hiking or rock climbing is a powerful way to move stagnant energy
  • Animal-assisted interventions. Spending time with animals at a farm, or with pets indoors or outdoors are a wonderful way of inducing calm and quelling anxieties.Equine and hippotherapy are extremely therapeutic too.
  • Arts and crafts. Creating art inspired by nature,or using natural materials, like clay or wood; or creating art in a natural space are ways to connect with the heart.
  • Dark nature. Examples include stargazing. A great prescription for inducing awe in the creative power of God and contemplating our own existence.
  • Green exercise. Performing physical exercise in a green space, such as running/ walking, bicycle or horseback riding will unstick stuck emotion/energy in the body.
  • Landscape. Healing spaces often have elements of water, greenery and vast space, eg mountains, lakes, beaches etc. A way to clear the mind of over thinking and repetitive thoughts and make space in our mind and body.
  • Nature-based meditation. Breathwork,prayer, visualisation, grounding can form part of a meditation to soothe the nervous system
  • Shinrin-yoku. This translates to forest bathing or “immersing oneself in nature using one’s senses. to activate the vagus nerve, to connect with our spiritual self.
  • Smellscape. Integrating the use of natural smells, commonly plant scents, soil, essential oils to enhance the feeling of calm
  • Soundscape. Sound can have a strong effect on a patient’s experience in nature. The sound of flowing water, rustling leaves, bird-song all have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Therapeutic gardening or horticulture Gardening or farming, and also include caring for or spending time with indoor plants. The process of growth, the knowledge of the seasons, the creation of food are all exciting and humbling activities.
  • Wilderness therapy. This includes camping, hiking or building shelters. Such closeness to a simple more natural life, even if just for a weekend, helps to remind us that we have great skills and can be resourceful given the opportunity.

Those who are unable to participate in outdoor activities can still benefit from modified versions of nature therapy indoors by creating healing spaces inside their homes .Making small simple changes can have a significant impact on mental and physical health. Bringing plants into the home, growing herbs on the windowsill, decluttering and removing what is no longer needed in our lives, and creating specific healing with calming colours and meaningful objects or nature art, all such changes will help.

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Nature always acts as our most beautiful potent wordly teacher by showing us the wisdom of letting go and surrendering to the laws of the greatest force that created it. And to really appreciate this teaching, we must spend time in nature: gentle, slow, contemplative time.

Is your healing reconnecting you? Or is it making you more comfortable within your disconnection?

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