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Would you like to Bloom ?

What does it mean to Bloom ? When you think of a person who is blooming what image comes to mind. Mostly associated with flowers or pregnant women, the word epitomises life in all its glory.


To flourish with youth and vigour, to thrive, to shine, to glow. To be in the prime of life, a time of greatest vigour and freshness. A state or time of greatest beauty and best health.

You may feel that as we get older this feeling is impossible to acheive. But I disagree. We may no longer be in our youthful prime but we can still bloom in other ways. As time goes on a great realisation sets us free: that we are more than just physical beings and while we have spent many years focussing on the external bloom, its now time for the inner blossoming to begin in earnest.

In this modern worldly system that humans have created, the toxic assault on our bodies is relentless and intense. The very fact that we are still existing is a testament to the sheer miraculous nature of the body, and confirmation that a greater force is behind this design. Only through its Divine programming can the body fight back with its internal armies, discovered and hidden. To achieve health has become a battle, a struggle, a jihad. But it is one that we must fight.

Being in a state of health brings freedom. And for me that is the most important reason to keep pushing through. Freedom to move, to be at peace, to worship, to enjoy life, to choose, to explore , to be adventurous and to be still. Freedom is one of the precious gifts we have been given by our Creator and I feel we have sold our freedom for comfort and convenience.

Lets reclaim our gifts from the Divine again. By blooming internally and growing in beauty and light from our very centre, the heart, we can start affecting our health in profound, even unexplainable ways. By carving out regular moments of contemplation and self-accountability we will develop self-mastery and deep spiritual awakening. Furthermore by putting in the work of lifestyle change we can improve the external aspects of ourselves. This is the war that must be won.

May there always be hope and room to grow and bloom!

Warm salaams


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