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The Alchemical Ramadan

We have just gone through the religious month of fasting of 2024. Most people feel sad at the end of this miraculous month, and I do understand why , but for me the true magic of Ramadan is precisely because it is so short. This month of Divine Mercy is true inner alchemy and such profound transformations cannot last long. They come in spurts and surges, like trials and tribulations where the process has to almost just wash over you as you finally come to accept and surrender to it. It is once passed that we get to see how we have changed, or not as the case may be.

I feel excited to start the journey to next Ramadan and discover what alchemical changes will manifest over the coming 11 months. The time for the real work begins in earnest. Will I honour my deepest vows of self improvement? Can I be steadfast in my commitment to jihaad-al-nafs even if times are trying? Will I acheive my goals? How will Allah answer my hearts prayers? What opportunities, trials and tribulations, hurdles and challenges will He bring my way this year? Be in no doubt , as explicitly promised, the Most High WILL answer sincere prayers but it may come in a package that is unexpected or disguised. It is much later we realise that our prayers were in fact answered.

So I hope you too will enjoy the fallout of Ramadan and remain awake to all the signs and synchronicities Allah swt sends on your path….and grasp those opportunities with courage.

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Lets create our own systems, our own Natural Health System. We can do it!

Warm salaams


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