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Afsha MalikHi, my name is Afsha. I qualified as a Pharmacist 25 years ago. About 12 years ago, after getting super fit I realised that health was not to be found in a bottle of pills and I decided to go to college to do the Gym Instructor course, to be able to teach exercise. Everyone thought I was a bit crazy but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was the stepping stone to opening my world and blowing my mind with the study of the human body in a way I would have never done within the limitations of the medical world.

I delved into numerous extra exercise qualifications, such as specialist populations, GP referrals, and diabetes/obesity management. I branched out into nutrition, then human behaviour, motivational techniques, coaching and lifestyle medicine. I have wandered into the realms of energy medicine,sound healing,somatic experiencing, and therapeutic yoga.

I have loved every moment of learning and discovery. And I know it shall continue because we actually know very little of the complexities and miracles of the human body. I share my knowledge and put it into practice as a Health,Wellbeing and Movement therapist. I founded Bloom to promote long term health through a gentle,balanced heart-based approach to exercise and food by focussing on positive mindsets and self-awareness.

My career in fitness has always been about constantly striving for balance and energy  in life through movement.  My approach is holistic, health and energy based.I am mostly interested in how to use movement to make my own life and the lives of my students better and to improve the physical experience of life. To me, movement and exercise enables a change that allows living a more balanced, compassionate and fulfilling life. For some that is acheived by relieving pain, for others its about mastering the body or completeing challenges or even connecting with something greather than themselves.

At Bloom the focus is on creating an enviroment of balance in the body and mind, which then enables the body to do what it does best – HEAL. And as such I use a more gentle form of exercise and movement, kinder to the body, nourishing for the mind, sustainable for our lives and that feels so good. I love teaching the therapeutic effect of exercise and how it can heal bodies and transform the mind.

I created Bloom to be a motivational, educational and advisory package all in one.I work with indivduals and organisations to empower people either through education or through exercise and food awareness.



Degree in Pharmacy BSc (hons) 2:1

Level 4 Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Exercise Specialist
CYQ Level 3 certificate in Exercise referral
CYQ Level 3 certificate in Pre and Post Natal exercise
CYQ Level 3 certificate in Personal Training
CYQ Level 3 certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management

EXTEND Diploma (older adult fitness)

Therapeutic Yoga and Chair Yoga

Session Leader QiGong Shibashi

Advanced Kettlebell Instructor

CYQ level 2 certificate in Gym instructing

NSIP Cycling Instructor

Laughter Yoga Teacher

Certificate in Motivational Interviewing Techniques
FASTER Health and Fitness Advanced Functional Trainer

Other Courses/Specialities (these courses and qualifications are not recognised by mainstream health/fitness organisations but it is these that have proven the most valuable to me, and make the most difference to my clients!)

  • Inner Engineering
  • Art of Living
  • Yoga as meditation
  • Energy Medicine
  • Somatic Yoga
  • Vini Yoga
  • Breath/Pranayama coach
  • Energy Breath & Conciousness Awakening Breath
  • QiGong


Public Health collaboration Ambassador
First Aid
Enhanced DBS checked
Member of REPs