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With busy lives, we acknowledge it is a challenge to find the time to exercise. In addition, we recognise it is difficult to figure out which exercises will get you the best results.

Therefore, we will spend time discussing with you what it is you want to achieve through exercise. In turn, this allows a bespoke fitness programme to be developed and agreed between both you and your trainer.

We can then work with you throughout your exercise programme providing you with the right tools and encouragement to achieve your goals. We will work at a pace that is effective yet safe for you.

Personal Training is beneficial for all ages and abilities . Older adults and those trying to manage chronic conditions that may make engaging in group classes difficult should definately consider this method of improving health. Whatever your goal is, you will quickly notice improvements in fitness and functional ability and most importantly, confidence. With support and motivation you will feel empowered to incorporate more physical activity into your daily life, making lasting positive lifestyle changes .

One to one sessions are ideal if you ar

  • worried about a health condition but need to get active.
  • not physically active and unsure how best to get fit
  • bored of the gym or have plateaued with weight loss
  • unable to use a gym or go to a group class ( time, cultural restrictions, anxiety etc)
  • worried about your balance,strength and posture as you get older

Sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home, or in a local park. We have developed a walkfit regime that can be challinging for regularly active individuals and yet “softened” to a gentler, safer one for the less fit.¬† We use all types of equipment :bodyweight, swiss balls , bands and dumbbells amongst others.

Working with a Personal Trainer is an investment in your future health, one which pays dividends.

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