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Health and healing is achieved when the body, soul and mind are in balance and harmony.  Through your holistic healing coaching sessions I will provide guidance on various natural remedies and healing techniques that will assist you to find that balance. Using principles of the wisdom sciences like Islamic Tibb, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine I will help guide you to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. 

Many illnesses are caused by the toxins in our foods and environment but also our toxic state of minds. Our inner turmoil is a result of our disconnection with the Divine. By addressing all these issues, you can change old patterns and heal your body, mind and soul to prevent future illness.  

Through programmes of detoxification, and often simplification,  you will not only cleanse the body but also clear the mind and begin to heal the spirit. Through deep relaxation practices you will understand the wisdom of your own body in your healing. It is my promise to assist you in finding the best tools for you to achieve optimal wellness. 

We will have one session which is up to two hours long preferably in person, but also available remotely, then I will support you with weekly calls over the 4 weeks to check progress and make any necessary changes .

Cost £100

Please call / text 07570-333439 to book