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At Bloom the focus is on creating an environment of balance in the body and mind, which then enables the body to do what it does best – HEAL. Movement,at Bloom, is not just exercise but anything that moves the blood, fluids and lymph around the body to bring about healing and that includes exercise, breathwork and massage.

I use a more gentle form of exercise and movement, kinder to the body, nourishing for the mind, sustainable for our lives and that feels so good. I love teaching the therapeutic effect of exercise and how it can heal bodies and transform the mind.

As well as gentle exercise , I include the specialised massage that I do as a form of movement as it works deeply on the body to move lymph, blood and fluids enabling healing to occur.

Oriental Hand massage

The hands are one of the most overused parts of our body and in general taken for granted and neglected. Oriental hand massage uses techniques that stimulate acupressure points and meridian channels, as well as working on freeing the fascia . It will help you to de-stress, open energy channels and to create a general sense of balance and well being, and of course, to leave your hands and arms feeling refreshed and free from tension. I use the sonic vibrations to aid myofascial release and lymphatic stimulation using tuning forks

It is especially beneficial to computer users, for RSI or Carpal Tunnel syndrome, as well as those with physical jobs using power tools, decorating, gardening etc and equally good for the elderly. It can help ease pain and stiffness to the muscles and joints, increasing mobility, boosts circulation & stimulates the sensory nerve endings.

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Oriental Face massage

This wonderfully relaxing face massage treatment incorporates and blends the techniques of natural face lift massage with acupressure and massage styles from the Japanese, Chinese and Tibetan Face massage treatments. And this massage works on facial meridians channel and on lymphatic vessels. It sculpts the facial muscles and breaks up the tiny knots in the fascia which smooths out the facial structure and enhances blood flow. I use sonic vibrations to break up knots in the fascia using tuning forks.

Some of the benefits are: Eases tension and stress, Increases elasticity in the skin, Smooths away facial lines, Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, Invigorates and strengthens muscles in the face to tighten saggy, puffy skin. Its like a face lift without the surgery!

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Gentle exercise

At Bloom I use gentle exercise that is similar to Qi Gong and therapeutic yoga styles.

I offer personal training to women, especially over 40, using strength tools eg kettlebells , and gentler forms of movement. 

I do various classes and workshops throughout the year. Keep an eye out for updates on the website