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I provide a rewarding opportunity to attend workshops on holistic health, Embracing Cyclical Living, Perimenopause, Menopause, Breast health, Five Elements Theory, Islamic Tibb holistic principles and various self development topics Contact me to find out more and subscribe  and keep up to date with the programs

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Inner Alchemy

An intimate and bespoke movement class with only 4 participants. We work deeply with breath, the lymphatic system, myofascial adhesions and muscular tensions and relaxation of the body. This is a class in which you will have the space and time to really understand and hear your body. Inner transformation only occurs in stillness and this is what we cultivate in this class.

We will be using blocks, bolsters, balls to release tensions and adhesions in the muscle and fascia. We will explore your breath on a deeper level, opening the rib space and loosening tightness commonly found in the diaphragm and pelvic floor. We explore the connection between the jaw, pelvic floor and foot too. Once we have relaxed the body with these gentle movements and massages we will bathe in healing colours during our deep relaxation. Lying on organic,natural buckwheat husk matresses, topped with warm blankets and lavender scented eye masks, we will allow stillness to over take the body,mind and soul. While you relax,if you desire, I will use the gentle sonic vibrations of the tuning forks on your hands,feet and crown area to further tune your body into the frequency of peace and harmony.

Over 8 weeks you will learn about YOUR body and begin to hear its whispers and messages. You will understand better how your body responds to stress and tension and how to effectively release emotional and physical blocks.

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Fridays 7:30-9pm from 12th Jan to 1st Mar 24 book here

8 Week course : £165

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Embracing Cyclical Life: Winter,Season of the Cave

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Past workshops

Healing Trauma through Allahs Creation: Saturday 9th Dec 2023