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Reflections on the journey to race day

Guest Blog: Written by Fozia Roked, paediatrician interested in high dependency care, mum, born and bred in Birmingham. Interests: human factors in NHS, baking, war journalism, sports.    6 months ago, we brainstormed ideas for a ladies challenge to raise money for The Olton Project. We had some doubts; how many people would actually sign […]

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Top Session 2

Well we got well and truly soaked in our second session! So I hope you all took good care of yourselves the rest of the day. I made sure I had a warm shower, wore warm snuggly clothes and nourished myself with warm, grounding foods and drinks. It always pays to be aware of how […]

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Five ways to Wellbeing.

This year, my daughter, aged 10, asked if I would do the  ‘Race for Life’ with her and of course, I said yes. It was an opportunity I could not miss! Life passes by quickly, the kids grow up fast and are soon too busy or just don’t want to do “stuff” with mum and […]

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