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Re-igniting Trauma: A Global Pandemic

With every crisis there is danger and opportunity. The danger is the fear and panic . But the opportunity is that we¬† can use this time to be better people on the other side of this. And when I personally started to hear about the pandemic I was seeing this as a transformative and rebalancing […]

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The Body on Trauma : Part 2 Healing Habits

  This blog follows on from Part 1   The Body on Trauma: Part 1   The healing of trauma is primarily a biological, bodily process not a psychological one. We lose connection with our bodies, our instinct and intuition in trauma. And so the most successful healing methods are those that involve the body. […]

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The Body on Trauma: Part 1

Trauma is part of life. It always has been. Whereas in the past people developed systems like meditation, yoga, community support and used religions, rituals and natural ways of calming the mind, soothing the nervous system and healing the body, we here in the West have developed a complicated system of over-diagnosing, over-medicalising and labelling […]

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