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Ramadan: Preparations in Nature

Everyone is busy …busy as bees…prepping for Ramadan. This seems to be a fairly new phenomenon. Maybe it’s the influence of the influencers. The house is decluttered and the freezer is full. Everything’s perfect, cooked and baked and prepped to perfection, stored in neat containers in organised rows and labelled helpfully.Checklists are ticked off, shopping […]

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Blessings – By Sarah


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More Blessings – By Sarah


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2021: A Butterfly Emerges

  Have you emerged yet?                       I wrote a post last year about 2020…a year that changed the world: individually and collectively. It seemed like something BIG was going on – on another level and I thought I had figured it out. I wrote: We […]

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Salat: A Mindful Movement Therapy

It has been known for centuries that certain practices form the basis of good health and happiness. Yogis do Yoga, Taoist do TaiChi, Sufis Spin. Whether it is defined as a philosophy or a religion or a set of rules, every practice has a commonality, that is, to delve deep into understanding how to accept […]

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Exercise in Ramadan: an alternative view.

It’s a question that gets asked a lot….”exercise during Ramadan?”¬† Google it and you will see a hundered posts on the benefits of maintaining your exercise regime (if not a little reduced), the best times to workout, the best type of workout,the best pre workout snack, post workout protein etc etc….hey Ive even written a […]

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Exercise in Ramadan: a Rough Guide

( This was written when the fasts were long , 18+ hours when sleep can be severely disrupted and therefore has a huge hormonal impact on the body.As the fasts get shorter it becomes easier to exercise without negative effects on the body . Mostly because sleep is not as badly affected as it is […]

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