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The Sweetness of Life

Sugar has become the new “bad guy” of our diet replacing our demonisation of fat. While it is true that we need to reduce significantly the excessive levels of refined sugars and carbohydrates we eat, it is unreasonable to deny the need for sweetness in our diet. In Ayuverda it is well recognised that sweetness […]

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Magnesium Magic

Do you crave chocolate??? Do you often get leg cramps?¬† Or twitchy muscles? Osteoporosis/weak bones? Do you suffer constipation often? Acid reflux/heartburn? What about heart palpitations? Angina? AF? High Blood Pressure? Anxious? Stressed? Irritable? Disturbed sleep or difficulty sleeping? Fatigue and lack of energy? Migraines? Muscular tension? Cluster headache? If you have any of these […]

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