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Afsha is incredibly passionate about fitness. She listens to the needs of her clients, drawing from a wealth of health and fitness knowledge. She has a very caring, energetic and compassionate personality that makes workouts empowering. Afsha Malik is exciting, progressive and truly inspiring.

Donna Hinkson – Director People Point
Connecting Communities for Local Social Impact.

Feel Good 50+ Class

Afsha makes us feel welcome and encourages us to take part in all the exercises. The class is a happy one and a pleasure to take part in. The exercises are suitable for the ladies in the group and graded to out ability. Afsha is informative , sympathetic to our needs and very helpful.

– Pat

This is a gentle paced class especially good for older ladies who perhaps wouldn’t join a gym.I find it really enjoyable and ALL muscles get a good workout while we also have a laugh along the way. I would recommend it to anyone.

– Christine

I have a lovely warm glow after the class. Its so friendly, and fun. Its gentle and non aerobic and yet we do get a good workout. I find myself doing some of the moves at home too!

– Christine

Ever since joining the class I have noticed an improvement in my balance and posture. I feel more confident . I can lift my leg easier to step up now and notice how my shoulders feel looser and less tense. I really enjoy the class and feel safe that the exercises we do are safe for my arthritis.

– Salma

 Private Class (for People Point ltd)

I feel relaxed and at ease in the class. The music is great and I love the circuits and using lots of different equipment..I really like the breathing exercises as it helps me to relax and feel good.

– Samir

Afsha provides a lovely balance of activities during the work-out session that people of all abilities will benefit from. She intelligently combines elements of yoga, aerobics, pilates and circuit training activities that ensures that each individual participates at a level they can cope with and enjoy. She provides both routine and spontaneatity during the workout, and right from the warm-up through to the relaxation session at the end, i always seem to forget about my problems and worries and just enjoy the moment. I leave each session with a sense of well-being after taking part


– Mark


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course of fitness sessions on Tuesdays during 2013 – 2014. Through working with you I’ve benefited from learning a variety of fun ways to move my body. These include circuit training activities such as boxing skills, step, balancing, stretching and muscle toning.
Recently, you have taught an aerobic workout to music from around the world with carefully chosen routines which incorporate a sense of the culture and dance moves of an international flavour. Incorporation of warm ups and stretches and a wonderful relaxation to end an energetic session ensure a safe and effective activity.
Enthusiasm and encouragement and always a cheerful lively disposition are just some of your many attributes. The well thought out routines are easy to follow and are a great workout which results in building body confidence and self esteem as well as improving physical fitness whilst having fun.

With gratitude for your care for each individual and expert knowledge of the discipline of well being.

Rosemary x